Song Writing and Collaboration

The song writing process is different for everyone; do you start with a catchy hook, the story you have to tell, or the music that makes the words come alive? Sometimes the process is quick and easy, other times much slower and harder work. Whatever your song writing process, the end result is usually very rewarding.

While you may be used to writing alone, many great songs have been created through a well-matched partnership or a venture into something new. I have taken the time to study the theory of music structure and have experimented with different ideas whilst writing and I would love to make the most of this in a collaboration with talented musicians or writers like you.

If you would like someone to support you in your song writing, I would also be happy to help. I run song writing and development lessons in 30 minute sessions for £18.

For collaboration or lessons in song writing, please contact me at my email address (found under the ‘Contact’ tab).


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Education, Coaching and Collaboration

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