About me

I started playing the piano as a teenager in 1980 when I was gifted the instrument by my neighbour. My interest was captured when a school friend played a small piece of music to me. I was in awe of what I heard and wanted to play like that too. I initially taught myself to play, then later took classical piano lessons with a great elderly teacher. I took my first exam in 1982.

Since then, I have continued playing piano music and have developed my skill with more exams in classical piano and music theory. I have expanded my musical interest in all genres of music, but particularly jazz, easy listening, ballads, Disney, and music from popular shows.

An excellent break came for me in 2005 when I worked up the courage to play at a restaurant in Radcliffe-Upon-Trent. The manager heard me play and I was booked to play the piano on a regular basis at the weekends, which then led to playing at other piano restaurants in Nottingham. My time at the restaurant really helped to develop my professional confidence; there’s nothing like playing to an audience and seeing a positive response. This led to requests to play at special occasions which then naturally led to me developing my experience to play at weddings and corporate events over the past 12 years. I find it incredibly rewarding to be a part of someone’s special occasion, helping to make that day memorable for them.

In recent years, composing has become a special interest of mine and I have written and recorded music; “Much Better Than That” and “White Flowers” are song of mine that I consider my favourites. You can find some of my original songs on my Sound Cloud: Vince Bartley Music.

I’m in an exciting new chapter at the moment as I devote more time to my music than ever before. Thank you for taking the time to read my musical journey; please do continue to follow me on my social media channels linked at the top of the website as I love to share my music with you.

Vincent Bartley.


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